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Culture Talks… Some Voices choir present their Studio 54 disco show takeover of The Printworks

One of London’s largest venue revamp and launch in recent years, Printworks London has already hosted nights that would have electronic music fans chomping at the bit. Far from just catering to one genre, the space will be taken over for an evening of classic disco. Inspired by the legendary New York club Studio 54, the night is to be hosted by 500 strong choir outfit, Some Voices. Information and tickets available here.

Appearing on 27th April, it’s an opportunity to hear some classic disco tracks like never before. We caught up with Some Voices to find out what they have in store.

We asked Some Voices to select their playlist picks of songs that you’ll be hearing from their shows, and songs that have got them to where they are today! Check them out while you read…

Hey guys! Thanks for talking to us – if you could start out by giving us a little introduction to yourselves and the upcoming night of the music of Studio 54 at Printworks.
Some Voices is a not your average contemporary choir – its ‘choir without the boring bits’.
There are no auditions or sheet music, and we’re about having fun through the pure joy of singing, in a non-religious nor classical way. Plus making friends. Plus generally having a wicked good time. Our upcoming show is going to be a one-night-only gig of epic proportions, reliving the decadence, drama, and downright wicked music of New York’s iconic club for stars and stargazers – Studio 54.

How did the idea of recreating the music of Studio 54 come about?
Every choir term we chose a different theme. We’ve always loved disco – it was an iconic and influential era of music embracing inclusivity, liberation and pure unadulterated joy. That, and some truly epic tunes were created. When we learned 2017 is the 40th anniversary of Studio 54’s opening, it was the perfect opportunity to indulge this love. Mixed with a bit of funk and soul, we’re super stoked about hosting our own unique take on Studio 54, through the power of 500 voices! There’ll be ‘roller skating, hula-hooping, and 70’s disco hedonism’ promised at Printworks.


Have you ever performed in such an immersive experience before?
Each show we do offers a different experience, both musically and theatrically, and the epic Printworks gives us the opportunity to make this bigger and better than ever before. Along with singing (and some amazing singing at that), our choir members have many other talents including acting, dancing, the aforementioned roller-skating and hula-hooping, set design, general creativity and brilliance, and bags of enthusiasm. Think of as us a choir-come-talent-show-come-circus. Studio 54 is the perfect opportunity to harness our member’s multitude of skills, and bring the audience a show like never before. We also do like to get our audience involved at times… you have been warned.

How well does the classic disco music of the days of Studio 54 lend itself to choir music?
The key to great disco music is catchy melodies and a groove that makes you want to dance. We’ve picked songs from the Studio 54 era that give us the scope to create huge lush vocal harmonies. In fact, disco followed on not long after soul, so arranging these tunes in 4 part harmonies fits perfectly. That and a sprinkling of the Some Voices vibe, and some seriously wicked sounds are guaranteed.

What is it about a choir that offers such a unique live experience? Were there any special considerations for the night at Printworks?
There’s nothing quite like experiencing live music. And in the case of Some Voices, there’s nothing quite like experiencing some legendary tunes in 4 (or more) part harmony sung by 500 people, who are loving it. Put that in an incredible venue like Printworks, and everyone is in for a treat. A big part of it is about the choir members enjoying themselves (as well as the audience – obvs) – they’ve chosen to be involved in the first place, and if they’re loving what they’re doing, that really comes across in their performance. Their mass enjoyment is infectious, and so everyone is in for a good time.

Special considerations?… As always, that everyone – choir and audience –
has the night of their lives.

How much of a difference does the performance space make to a choir act?
Difference performance spaces set (or break) different boundaries. The bigger and more diverse the space, the bigger and more diverse the show can be! We love the idea of creating a live ‘surround sound’ system of choir voices and the band, and with the set-up of Printworks this is feasible. To say we are excited is an understatement. Roll on 27th April, and let the music play…

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