Best Friend release new material: ‘Weekend with Best Friend’

Best Friend are back to their tricks and give us a glimpse of how their time locked away behind studio doors has been spent. Titled ‘Weekend with Best Friend’, the second mixtape from the London beatmakers marks an accomplished return – available for all as of the 26th May!

Flexing their record store flicking fingers to curate and produce their newest collection of songs, Best Friend dish up a selection of sample gems for a mixtape full of swagger. The opening track ‘In Film’ has the feel of a track that belongs on the Rio De Janeiro beachfront, a sign of the reach that the ‘Weekend with Best Friend’ tracks have. Of course, in keeping with hip-hop’s traditional sound, soulful numbers are a heavily sampled feature throughout the release, with vocal tracks leading the hooks.

‘April’s Theme’ leans on a gospel choir which elevates the beat to another level, funk rhythms get brought out for ‘Different Worlds’ before moving into the all-out party jam of ‘El Camino pt. 2’ – dance floor vibe ‘hands-up’ moment for sure. The ‘Weekend with Best Friend’ mixtape solidifies that this production team are definitely ones to watch – keep tabs!

Take a listen for yourself below and download the tracks free of charge – nice!



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