K-HAM CA – Astro Traveling 2: Albatross Hill

Toronto-based producer and rapper K-HAM CA releases latest mixtape Astro Traveling 2: Albatross Hill, a journey through space and time as he explores acceptance and notions of success.

With only a handful of mixtapes to his name, Khadeem Hamilton better known by his stage name KHAM-CA started out in 2011 producing his first instrumental mixtape ‘Welcome to the Traphouse‘. Since then, a quick scroll through his Soundcloud page shows Hamilton has been hard at work mastering his lyrics and production style.

His latest release Astro Traveling 2 sees him explore his sample-heavy style even further, and with a refreshing outcome. It’s clear to see the Madlib and Flying Lotus influences, experimenting with broken beats, old movie excerpts and snippets of jazz. At times his lyrical style and delivery wouldn’t seem out of place amongst Odd Future or Tyler the Creator, and when this comes together it makes for a mixtape that is definitely being slept on.

Check out the full mixtape here and listen to a couple of our picks from the album below. If you’re liking what you’re hearing check out K-HAM CA’s Bandcamp page and buy the full mixtape there.

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