(Sandy) Alex G @ The Cobalt Vancouver

Timbre Concerts brings Alex Giannascoli, better known as (Sandy) Alex G down to the intimate Cobalt in Vancouver’s east side for a two hour delve into his back catalogue.

(Sandy) Alex G, formerly Alex G, changed after a recent rebranding from Domino Records, has been floating around the corners of the internet for some time now. Coming to our attention through his Bandcamp page back in 2014, he now has a back catalogue the size of Dylan’s. Okay, that may have been slightly over-exaggerated, however in the four years since he came to prominence he had a consistent output, releasing fourteen singles, EP’s and albums to date.

Orignally self-releasing through his Bandcamp page, Alex G documented his lo-fi experimentations, double tracking and distorting his mumbled vocals, and layering his inventive melodies. Now signed to Domino, his latest release ‘Rocket‘, sees him delve into the ‘country’ universe. We caught (Sandy) Alex G down at the small and imtimate Cobalt in Vancouver to a packed crowd.

With support from Cende and Japanese Breakfast, the crowd was packed in by the time Alex G took to the stage. The small venue at The Cobalt theatre was an apt setting for his DIY style tracks, the system was loud and the room was sweaty, as he moved through a setlist filled with recent tracks from Rocket and Beach Music, including honky tonk ‘Proud’. His uninspired attitude speaks loudly to a genration of kids, hungry for 90’s nostalgia. His live set is loose and sparse, yet each melody intricately layers atop his recognisable lyrics. Changing from otherworldly guitar solos, mosh pits and a Casio demo drum kit solo, eclectic would be an understatement.

As recognisable as his style and sound is, his recording techniques and experimental productions set his records apart. This is somewhat lost live, as much of his material blends together. This didn’t seem to bother the crowd, after a 90-minute setlist, Alex opened up to requests, as people shouted to play “Sarah” or “Kute”, they were too enveloped to worry about anything else. After another 45-minutes of requests, including Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again?”, he finished up on “After Ur Gone” from 2014’s DSU.

To catch more from (Sandy) Alex G, he is currently finishing up his North American tour with support from Japanese Breakfast and Cende – check below for deets!


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