Sal Dulu – Antasma

Dublin beatmaker Sal Dulu releases a soulful slice of chill-hop just in time for summer with new track ‘Antasma’.

With the power of streaming sites, Soundcloud, Youtube and the general Internet, searching for new music can sometimes feel overwhelming these days. I forever have one thousand tabs open, filing music for later, to eventually go back and sift through. Every so often you stumble on a track that demands you stop and listen, ‘Antasma’ was definitely one.

Relatively little is known about Sal Dulu, a new producer out of Dublin with only two tracks to his name. His latest offering ‘Antasma’ is a smooth, tropical arrangement with soulful vocal slices courtesy of The Supremes, while guitar and sax riffs float underneath. The track is kept moving with the soft click of the drums, until changing up with a noise-style synth at the end reminiscent of Lapalux.

Listen to the track below and check out Sal Dulu‘s Soundcloud page for his previous release ‘Duluoz Dream’ – we will certainly be keeping our ear to the ground for more chill-hop gems.

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