Percolate Open Air at Three Mills Island: a review

The venue looked perfect from the previews, and when the event rolled around on July 29th the set up didn’t disappoint. Two stages, a stellar line up, and partying in the English summer rain – perfect mix.

Checking the weather forecast the day before, we knew that we may be getting a bit wet. Come the day we knew it’d be a good drenching. This, however, didn’t dampen the spirits of those in attendance. If anything it almost made for a better atmosphere, in that, you knew everyone was there for a party. And you could feel that attitude in the crowd. Umbrellas were aplenty and Percolate did all they could by offering ponchos on arrival to those in need for one quid – bargain!

Percolate Open Air Rain

The two stages sat at opposite ends of the park and unless you were stood towards the back end of the smaller stage, there wasn’t too much sound overlap.

Compared to other festivals, and particularly those in London, this was a much more stripped back affair and was marketed as such. Here are some top DJs playing extended sets. Here are some good systems. Enjoy.

With the lineup consisting of names such as Leon Vynehall, Objekt, Krywald & Farrer, Scuba and Dj Koze himself, you knew the music wasn’t going to disappoint and here lay the method to the madness of going outside to party on a grey and wet East London Saturday.

Percolate Open Air

The atmosphere amplified once the rain stopped and darkness descended and this coincided nicely with the headline set of DJ Koze. From rolling techno to uplifting house, the set was a fine sign-off to a fun day and by ending on his remix of Lapsley’s Operator, he had the crowd singing along together arm in arm.

Looking forward to the next installment already.

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