Hater – Red Blinders EP

Following on from their debut ‘You Tried‘ LP, Swedish band Hater return with the Red Blinders EP through London label Fire Records. Comprised of four tracks that reprise the daydream indie guitar jangles underneath the floating vocals of Caroline Landahl that caught the attention of UK audiences, the EP is available for purchase at the Hater Bandcamp.

The first single released from the EP is the opening track ‘Blushing’. This track follows formulas which had them put within the sights of other female-led dream indie pop band Alvvays, which is never a bad thing!

As the EP develops Hater begin to expand on the content that we’ve come to expect. Space opens out with the title track ‘Red Blinders’ when drum patterns become more sporadic and the guitar interplay becomes an exercise in using the space between. Finishing with Penthouse, it’s in no doubt that Hater know how to write a song to rattle away in your head for the rest of the day… week… we’re yet to stop the timer for a definitive length on this one.


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Photos by @melakass

Playing European dates throughout the winter finishing at Ideal bar in Copenhagen on 10th February, Hater made whistle-stop appearances in the UK with 3 London dates over 4 days. Catching them at a midweek Rough Trade show, we recommend that you take the chance to see the guys if they’re on at a city near you. listings below!

Hater tour dates

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