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Culture Talks… An interview with TriForce ahead of Roundhouse Rising 2018

In the runup to Roundhouse Rising 2018, we had the opportunity to catch up with TriForce, the jazz group making their sound heard in a burgeoning London and UK jazz scene. Talking influences, studio vs live, and their top spot to play. Catch the interview below!

TriForce will be playing at the Jazz Re:freshed curated night on Tuesday 27th of February at the Roundhouse in Camden. Get yourself a ticket from the Roundhouse.

For our readers that are new to you guys, where do you guys hail from, where did you meet, and what brought you together to play music?
We’re from London, the majority of us are from South London ( Peckham, Brixton, Oval ) and one of us is from North

Who would you count as people who have influenced the music you make?
All the people who have taught us up until now i.e Mat Fox, Andy Grappy, Renell Shaw, Orphy Robinson, Gary Crosby

“This generation of jazz musicians are not afraid to cross boundaries”

There’s a vibrant ‘new jazz’ scene in London at the minute. Whilst jazz in its many forms has always been there, why do you think it has seen a particular resurgence in the UK recently?
This generation of jazz musicians are not afraid to cross boundaries, make jazz more appealing to non musicians and make it so people can dance and vibe to it not just sit in some candle lit room and drink wine to it.

Do you find differences in the way you play between studio and playing live?
Obviously in the studio there’s that pressure to get everything right and “studio quality” we still want to provide a vibe but it’s more of a restricted one at that compared to live when it’s just pure/raw unrehearsed material.

There’s a real energy conveyed in the TriForce 5ive release, how have you found the audiences react to this energy when live?
Live is a completely different experience, like with any band seeing them live is a new experience. I think the funny thing is when people see us like they don’t expect us to play the music we play.

On this point, have you anywhere that you’ve particularly enjoyed playing?
Steez, in south east London, was one of our first shows and defo one of our best shows, the crowd, the mood, everything. Similarly with the We Out Here show.

You’ll be making an appearance at this years Roundhouse Rising Festival 2018 with Jazz Re:freshed. How did your relationship with the night/label come about?
A few of us used to head down to that night weekly when we were younger, eventually those guys started recognising our face and we asked them for a night there. They came back to us with a better idea and since then we’ve been on their roster. It was crazy surreal because we had only been together for about 8 months

Lastly, have you anything else coming up for the year ahead?
You just have to keep your eyes peeled, no spoilers.


Thanks to Triforce for taking the time to answer the questions and contribute their curated playlist!

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