Review: Jazz Re:freshed x Roundhouse Rising Festival with Triforce and Ayo Salawi & the Jazzadelics

A couple of weeks ago we slipped and slid through the snow our way to the Roundhouse to catch Triforce and carefully selected emerging talent from the London jazz scene, as part of a collaboration between Jazz Re:freshed x Roundhouse Rising festival.

Spanning generations, genres and ideas, Jazz Re:freshed uncovers emerging talent, allowing you to realise; that it is not the founded artists that shape our scenes, but the ones yet to be found. Tucked into a room dubbed the ‘Sackler Space’ in the wings of the Roundhouse, we really got an eye opener to whats out there, London and beyond. We entered the night with a nice set from OCELOT followed by Fred Fredas who came at us with some real gritty vocals over a smooth and tight fusion.

Ayo Salawu, playing his first gig with the band – the Jazzadelics – pulled out some of the best from the Jazz and Fusions history. Along with Richie Aitken and Kassie Kinoshi (who absolutely tore up the room with a lead line on sax on a cover of Jammin E Cricket By Chick Corea) it was solid band, and we are excited for whats to come with this group. 

As expected, our faces were soon melted by the London founded Triforce quintet. A combination of four musicians just starting to pick up the pace and reach their stride. Well worth checking out if you’re in any way interested in smooth keys, frantic jazz drum rhythms interplayed with driving bass, and a swirl of guitar licks that’ll have you looking wide-eyed at the person next to you.

As with all decent gigs, we left wanting more and eager to get home to delve into online back catalogues. In the baby steps of 2018, it’s sure to be a memorable year for the London Jazz scene, and we have the likes of Jazz Re:freshed and the Roundhouse to thank for this in supporting these artists. In a climate where everyone listens to what they are given, it is overwhelming to hit up on such an honest vein of artists in such a diluted sea of outputs, from the heart these musicians bring to us some of the best music, and it’s refreshing for these to be given a platform to thrive on.

Keep your eye on the Roundhouse for more shows from the up-and-comers. See you at Roundhouse Rising 2019!


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