Primavera Sound 2018: the DJs and Dance to keep you going through the night!

For the first time this year Primavera Sound 2018 will hit the beach with Primavera Bits, the festival within a festival dubbed an electronic music oasis that will lay claim to the likes of Four Tet, Peggy Gou, Jon Hopkins and more. With that in mind, it’s never been more important to get your sets sorted, but never fear, we’ve got you covered! For an introduction to the best electronic music Primavera has to offer, check out the below.

Orpheu the Wizard

This year the Dutch DJ, Orpheu the Wizard, makes his way from the counter-cultural canals of his hometown Amsterdam to Primavera Sound. He’s the co-founder of Red Light Radio and close kin of the Dekmantel crew, who’s made waves in Dutch club culture with his surprising and ingenious sets. Recently the dance scenes of Europe have been taking note and you should too. Expect precocious, crafty, and curious selections, loaded with sonic oddities and small aural wonders. He’s not called the wizard for nothing!

Catch the unconventional Orpheu on Saturday at one or even both of his sets. He’ll be playing at XIRINGUITO APEROL as part of Dekmantel Presents at 12:00 and at the Desperados Club at 19:30.

Floating Points 6-hour Set

Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points is like water: amorphous, transformative and utterly fluid. He’s a Dr in neuroscience and epigenetics, a talented pianist well versed in the classics, a free jazz enthusiast, a skilled DJ, and a critically acclaimed producer. He’s designed music equipment, directed ensembles of up to 16 musicians, engineered and mixed almost all of his tracks and wrote as well as published a fanzine. At 12:00 on Friday at this year’s Primavera Shepherd will take to the beach front XIRINGUITO APEROL stage for one of his infamous, marathon DJ sets. Expect a wandering, explorative odyssey of sound that strings together eclectic, rare and mesmerising records for a transporting experience.

If you manage to miss his DJ set on the beach Friday, not to worry, he’ll also be playing solo and live on Thursday from 02:25 at BACARDÍ LIVE.

Palm Trax

For aspiring DJs and producers the story of how Jay Donaldson, otherwise known as Palm Trax, came to be a Dekmantel darling in just a few years is the stuff of dance music fairy tales. Donaldson moved to London as a young lad to study Music Technology, started working for the famous Phonica record shop, discovered Chicago house and Detroit Techo, then up sticks and moved to Berlin where his early attempts to emulate his musical heroes landed him a genuine hit and a place amongst the likes of Young Marco, Antal and Midland. Fairy tales aside, Donaldson’s penchant for bold, bright, fiery disco and lively beats sets the ideal tone for a good boogie in the blazing Barcelona sun.

Catch Palm Trax on Saturday at the XIRINGUITO APEROL stage at 12:00, where he’ll be playing as part of Dekmantel presents.

Toulouse Low Trax

Last but not least is the analogical solo project of Detlef Weinrich, artfully named Toulouse Low Trax. Weinrich’s solo sets are crafted from subliminal and subterranean depths. The beat rarely escalates beyond 115 BPM as each track trudges forwards with the thick inevitable slope of a more primitive sonic mammal. When speaking of his solo endeavour Weinrich said ‘for me it is enough to dance rough around the core. Music you don’t shape till the end contains of a moment of beauty. A veil of secrecy.’ If that doesn’t sell it to you nothing will!

To catch the secretive, slow release beats of Toulouse Low Trax get yourself to Desperado Club on Saturday at 23:30.

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