Pete Beardsworth announces the Pour Un Homme Seul EP with first track listen

Another name to add to the emerging talent pool coming from the UK, Pete Beardsworth is due to release his debut Pour Un Homme Seul EP on 14th September, 2018.

The second release to come through through the newly founded Nottingham based label Running Circle, the Pour Un Homme Seul EP takes from an eclectic mix of influences that sees Pete working with instrumentalists including drummer Tom Towle, guitarist Roshan Gunga, bassist George Butt, vocalist Daisy Godfrey, and the internationally acclaimed Erhu player Ling Peng.

Studio Session Pete B_-156

Opening the EP with the hip hop grooving step of To The Place, taking lead from the saxophone melody backed with soft keys to underpin a frantic instrumentation, the release develops from the raucous opening to more chilled out affairs of Buried and Purified. The space created by the tracks reveals the different ambient compositional side to Pete Beardsworth, with each respectively exploring jazzy splashes and brush strokes and moving on to electronic beat sequences to create similar effects.

The title track is reminiscent of work to come from downtempo producers in the house scene, floating the Erhu playing of Ling Peng over a sequenced beat to create a laid back amble, while the move into the final track on the EP moves seemlessly from the horizontal of the previous tracks to soulful vocals over a skipped drum beat that gets toes tapping to finish with energy.

The Pour Un Homme Seul EP isn’t one to be sniffed at – perfectly balanced from one song to the other and with moments throughout that will either perk up the ears or make you melt into your pillow, it’s certainly a release and an artist to keep tabs on.

The first preview from the EP – To The Place – is available to listen to. Check it out above!

Keep tabs for the album release on 12th September.

Mockup 3


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