Mr Beatnick releases his new album ‘Honeycomb’

London producer Mr Beatnick has announced the release of his second album, Honeycomb, which is available for a digital pre-order over on his Bandcamp page. Full release on 12th June through Mythstery Records.

We first heard a sneak listen of the album track ‘Invisible Escalator’ played out by Mr Beatnick’s NTS Radio counterpart, Ruff Dog, during his regular show. The track dives into the deeper side of the house spectrum with dancing high hats and stabbing synths – a perfect 3am jam. Grab a quick listen to it on Beatport.

On taking a delve into the Bandcamp and other tracks, it sounds like there’s more to listen out for in the Honeycomb album rather than simply being a collection of formulaic house tracks.

“I found myself getting more and more obsessed with beehives during the course of making the album – with the grooves providing a kind of structure for my synths to swarm around”.

‘Using live percussion, piano, kalimba, and drum machines and drawing on the sounds and structures of the natural world, Beatnick has created a dazzling modern day library record that reflects the serene geometric utopia of Patrick Savile’s cover.’

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